Otlvise has been designed to provide an easy and safe way to move many objects.  Specifically Slate used on pool tables.  It’s design is ergonomic, modular, interchangeable, dependable and SAFE!

Its use has proven to be successful and safe through careful considerations from work history and experiences.   Every time you move something the circumstances will change.  Lucky for you, your OTLVISE can change also. 

Otlvise requires that the USER or USERS  be of sound mind and in good physical condition. You agree by purchasing it that you are both.



Added to WEBSITE DATE 8-15-2018


5 Year Maintenance Review Youtube Video



Check Wear on STOP NUT and MAKE SURE there is still Good clearance from the face of the clamp Head.

If You DO NOT replace original washer with the THICKER washer provided in Maintenance Kit its possible that YOU WILL cause the clamp screw to stick out farther than the clamp head which could damage slate.   A small spot weld can be added to the STOP NUT as shown in video also if it ever gets loose from various reasons.   If worn to the set screw, the clamp screw should be replaced.  At ANY Time You can send me pics of your clamps for review…


Again YOU should also check your units for wear and perform simple maintenance as shown in video,  Using the replacement THICKER Washer after the original wears and breaks in…

Since Everyone uses it less or more the timing of when to replace is left to YOU as YOU are using it

A small drop of oil between STOP NUT and washer will reduce wear

Cleaning and lightly greasing will extend life of screw and clamp

The UNIT has proven NOT to require the use of the kick stand safety feature all the time so it is now kept available when ready.  NOW the pulling handle replaces the FULCRUM HOOK.  IT goes up stairs being closer to the middle so it goes straighter. 

Remember to clean and lightly grease axles as needed.

If You have worn your CLAMP head from various reasons it should also be replaced.



4 replacement pads for the shoes are $25 shipped

Additional FULL 3 Year replacement KIT with pads, thicker washers, clips and Wrench   $50 Shipped

Replacement Labels also available


Attachments such as a drill are NOT recommended.  Powered wheels are useless on stairs with carpet and overall general use will cause you problems...  

Swivel Wheels are NOT to be used on stairs...   This is another option you don't need to experiment with...  Stairs and Swivels do NOT go together well...   

If not sure, email the idea first...

DO NOT clamp directly on to glued areas; use a dollar between to prevent sticking!


This guide is  directed at the Pool table business but is also useful in general terms.  Its NOT an end all guide and always use common sense.

OTLVISE can be clamped onto many surfaces.  If clamped onto a painted surface you can expect to gently pry one corner of the disc up to release  from the pressure created(it will be lightly stuck). If applied to glue such as the ones in the pool table field it will actually become really stuck.   Carry Baby powder to neutralize the glue area.    You can also use the Baby powder when you stack the slates so they don’t stick together in your vehicle. 

The Clamp disc has no padding and none is needed to move slate.  To prevent scratches you can add a piece of rubber for moving Granite Countertop for example or use the Padded Slate Shoe Side.  You can add a piece of wood to the clamp head also.   Be careful to check for excessive bees wax in clamp location.

The Slate Shoe is covered in rubber and this is NOT covered in Warranty.  It is Made in the USA and reinforced with commercial SEY threads in rubber.

The suggested wheels of roughly  14 inches in outside diameter are suggested.  This size works well in most areas. Keep in mind that “attachments” will swing around the axle.  If you don’t have a kickstand the units attachment will swing down and hit floor.  This will happen more frequently if a smaller tire is used.  Be careful with attachments.  You MUST Use a kickstand to be SAFE.  It functions with many features.  SEE VIDEOS

Use the Nuts and Bolts provided.  When replacing or adding hardware use high grade 8 strength items.

You may or may NOT modify your OTLVISE Serialized UNIT. Modifying a component will VOID the warranty on that piece but not the entire Kit. Use website email for communications.

If drilling or using other electrical devices make sure you follow all of their warnings.

Use OTLVISE in any weather, any condition, any temperature but follow the guidelines established.  Be aware that hazardous conditions raise the chance of you having an accident.  Wear proper clothing and proper footwear.  DO NOT OPERATE with bare feet unless at Beach with Mobile Advertising Cart. 

When using handles you should add rubber grips.  These are better than gloves because they will always be there.  They also serve to protect the steel from hitting things and causing dents etc. Adding Grips DOES NOT VOID warranty.  Adding Grips is SMART, DO IT! Pick your own style and colors.   Choose a style of grip that fits your hand size and they will also feel better when its freezing out versus holding on to bare steel.

Never attempt to clamp a pressurized can such as spray paint, don’t do STUPID STUFF! KEEP TWO HANDS ON Handles when going up or down Stairs at all times.  NEVER TURN YOUR UNIT on its side AND ROLL IT ON ONE WHEEL.  An unbalanced load will likely cause failure of your tire for various reasons.

Bringing OTLVISE unit in and out from different atmospheres may cause condensation to form on unit as a result of the temperature changes and humidity. Wipe off any moisture that builds up on your unit.

Keep units dry and out of sun.  Leaving Units in Sunlight will cause them to overheat at times and cause the adhesive on the rubber padding to loosen.  This is why you don’t use a pad on the clamp head.  Keeping units cool and shaded is best.  That’s why the slate shoe is painted white.

DO NOT RUN, Skip, hop, jump with your OTLVISE UNIT…

ONLY USE WRENCH Provided, NEVER USE anything else…order more if you need to!

Loose clothing can cause your thumbs to get caught with the handle so keep your clothes fitting properly.  DO NOT wear baggy pants etc.

Remember to take the wrench out of the OTLVISE when you’re done tightening it.  If you're careless you will drop the wrench and likely dent or chip the surface below.  Take your time!

You were given two wrenches to use in the maintenance of the OTLVISE unit.  Check your nuts regularly.


CONTAIN PETS – NEVER allow a pet to get in your away.  It’s your job at all times to make sure you eliminate potential risks. Put them somewhere so they(the animals) won’t appear unexpectedly.
Inspect the work area for slip hazards, trip hazards, Adequate Lighting
Make sure there is adequate space for you to roll the slate.  DON’T get halfway down the stairs and find out!  Do a test run….empty
Inspect Stair treads for width, height and condition.  NOTE:  Stairs that have an overhang can crack.  Inspect them for potential problems that may already exist such as visible cracks.
Check your rims for true=turn your Otlvise over on its side and spin the tire.  It should spin true.  If NOT, return it for replacement.  Checking your rims is easy and quick, Do it! Check the welds on every use.
Use equipment provided = DO NOT substitute components.
IF you haven’t familiarized yourself with the use of a Hand Truck you would do well to search the Internet for Videos involving  Hand truck SAFETY from other Companies as well….you don’t know what you don’t know.
If you have a safety concern it’s your responsibility to email it before a problem arises if possible.

 You need to be confident using OTLVISE = DO NOT attempt a difficult operation unless you are completely familiar with its use.  Once familiar, you will be comfortable with what to do in respect to using it Safely and properly.  TRY moving small pieces at first before you attempt large ones.

 Use the Handle that works best for you and use the placement that works best for you.

 NEVER USE QUICK style pins on axle or handle when moving slate or other heavy objects, USE ONLY NUTS , BOLTS, WASHERS PROVIDED!  Using bolts will provide a more solid feel.

Schedule your use for DRY weather.  Avoid slipping by NOT performing work in the Rain\Snow or where there has been water\oil for you to loose traction.  Be CAREFUL on Moss its a slip hazard.

WARNING Although the OTLVISE UNIT IS THE Best Tool for moving anything be advised that it is still YOU controlling everything.  FOR EXAMPLE:  OTLVISE could easily be used to move a 1200 lb piece of granite but if the weight is top heavy you are out of YOUR MIND.  A TOP heavy load such as a full sheet of Granite should never be moved with an OTLVISE.  A new "BIG O" OTLVISE clamp specifically designed for granite full sheets is under development.  Although my competition will show pictures and limited videos there is no practical and safe way to move full Sheets without larger equipment, specifically a forklift with boom or such.  Until the SUPERSIZED OTLVISE model is operational DO NOT MOVE FULL SHEETS OF GRANITE.   DON’T BUY and use CHEAP TIRES

 USE COMMON SENSE – Read ALL instructions and watch DEMO Videos, they are for DEMO only and people come in Different sizes and you will place and configure your Handles differently perhaps as a result. That's another reason it fits all sizes of people.

User\Owner must read and understand the Operating instructions.  As the OWNER you are responsible for the UNIT and having anyone else who uses it to also be trained and have read and understand the Safety Instructions.   

Use component sheets ABOVE when reviewing description and instructions below.  Instructions are for Customers moving slate but may apply to other uses as well. Instructions are only a guide; every time you move something its different.  Move items using as many safety features as possible.  Never substitute or attempt to perform a task without having the needed assistance!  It's always best to have assistance to make heavy loads easier and safer to handle.  Add more handles or wheels, its easy..........

 The Clamp Frame which will be referred to as OTLVISE is the common piece used with all of the attachments.  Bolts, washers,  and lock washers  should always be used on WHEEL MOUNT  #9.  When using Carrying Handles  and moving heavy objects Bolts should also be used.  These are provided for both the AXLE and Various Handle Attachments.  Quick Pins provided are for other Clamp accessories 

The OTLVISE disc and Slate Shoe both have predrilled holes so you can anchor screws or mount bolts in addition to using the clamping pressure of the vise. Two of these opposing safety holes are threaded 3/8 for securing slate.  This is an added safety feature that should be used to secure loads when possibly.  It is your responsibility to use the Safety features when available. When moving slate without a wood backer board you can mount a bolt  onto the inside of the clamp disc to ride on the inside of the rail bolt hole in the slate.  If clamp releases for some reason this will keep slate from sliding out of the clamp.  You can also easily secure the Slate shoe on top with the handle attachment with a bolt and nut going through as well.

MDF has low friction and a slight roughing to it will make it hold better when clamped in OTLVISE, especially if the disc is on the MDF side.  Wood screws can also be used in the other two NON THREADED Safety Holes to anchor into the MDF

Boards should be used on tile, wood floors, etc to prevent potential marking or damage.  @ small 1 x6 boards 2 feet long wrapped in NON-slip material work great.  Remember that when delivering a piece that was on boards the slate will sit up off the ground and unless you use boards on the delivery side, the slate will slide out when loosened.  BE AWARE!

The Clamps have a Working load limit of 300 lbs when Properly tightened and secured. DO NOT use as "HOIST" to lift with handles that are Offset in nature.  Those OFFSET handles are designed to lift at Angles NOT directly straight up.  DO NOT USE forklift to lift loads. DO NOT use unapproved methods,  have questions you should ask through email for response and it will be given. 

Material\Padding which may be glued to the face of the Slate Shoe  will NOT be functioning properly if exposed to the sun or overheated.  Adhesives will fail with heat and pressure.  Caution: DO NOT LEAVE EXPOSED TO SUN if you’re using adhesives on disc to mount rubber type padding.  Always keep your units out of direct Sunlight and DO NOT subject them to excessive heat which may cause problems as the heat will degrade the holding strength of your padding by loosening the adhesive.

The  Disc's do NOT require padding if moving Slate for Pool tables for example.  The Slate shoe is completely covered in protective reinforced rubber(Made in USA).  This material can also be used on clamp pad if moving something such as Granite tops with finished side on clamp.  Use unfinished side to avoid marking and have better holding power.

DOUBLE SIDED  Wrenchs are provided to use. This is the only style wrench to be used  and MUST be used so that you don’t over tighten the clamp frame. Another Safety wrench is also provided as shown.  When using padding on the clamp head the force required to tighten will be absorbed slightly by the pad.  MAKE SURE ITS TIGHT. 
Keep your wrench on the FULCRUM HOOK #2 so you don't loose it and keep the other one under your driver MAT..

DO NOT over tighten - by adding pipes or using longer than required tools which provide too much torque.  The tighter you make it the weaker it becomes. Use the wrench provided, period!

The handle assembly is also capable of being loaded with too much torque and damaging the vise.  DO NOT over tighten!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do NOT free spin wrench on nut or it will fly off and damage something potentially. Also keep your hand on the wrench when tightening. 

Over tightening will cause failure in the unit and this VOIDS WARRANTY! Review your unit before use to determine that it is in good working order.  DO NOT USE A SOCKET WRENCH,  only the OTLVISE wrench!

Maintain, inspect, clean and lubricate clamp screw as needed, usually once a month.  Check all components for wear including any padding that was attached to the Slate Shoe.  A painted clamp disc will provide improved holding power if you wish to add a rubber pad for example.   AGAIN, no padding is required for slate on clamp pad.

Additional Features:  The Clamp head is reversible, stackable and interchangeable.  In the future new style clamp heads may be introduced.  For example:  if moving a one piece slate style table the screw is extended on the clamp and weakened as a result. TO prevent the dynamic force shifts you can add a clamp head or even two to reduce the stroke of the clamp head screw and maintains its maximum strength. When doing this you can also turn the clamp head around so it engulfs the NUT behind the disc on the threaded rod itself.

When going up stairs use small wheel chocks as ramps on the top stair to reduce pulling resistance on the last step out as you are on the landing now and pulling against the stair and NOT up.  WATCH THE VIDEOS!

DO NOT attempt to utilize a drill attachment on STAIRS



Otlvise is a Modular Clamp Assembly

It has many attachments to do different things

It’s built to last with Your Care

It will do its job if you do Yours

Respect the tool or you will have an ACCIDENT and that is a WARNING

Watch Demo Videos


REVIEW Entire website



Congratulations and Thank You!

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