On The Level Billiards LLC


Founded: 2001

Owner: John Palmer


Areas of expertise:  Material Handling

Plant Manager -Belding Thread Group 

Vice President - Sunshine Art Studios 

Managing Director - Pitney Bowes


YOUneed to buy 14 inch Marathon air filled tires with spacers at Big BOX Store


Starting MAY 2021

PIPE for Pulling Handle and V saddle pipe comes cut to length and predrilled.  Previous Customers had to buy this pipe themselves etc.

5 ft Lever pole is optional at Your ( the  Customers) discretion.  As are the handle grips(now included 2022), wheel choice and other attachments...

NEW FOR 2022

Front Grip Handle

NEW Front Wheel

T-Handle Grips in Red

        The Complete OTLVISE Kit (1650)  SOLD OUT

Company Profile

Components, Warnings, Operating Instructions....

 2023   Mini Kit NOT Including hands free spinner handle or Crown Adjuster

Mini KIt Base Price is $1150 including shipping

​You buy wheels on left SOLD OUT

The KIT allows You to have 2 dollies, one for the frame and one for slate as shown.

Watch the videos on YOUTUBE, its EASY.

Buy these wheels at HD or Lowes or Amazon

Be sure to review ALL the details and also view all youtube videos with accompanying instructions explained.   There is allot more to the videos than just watching...  


At OTLVISE;  our goal is to help you become more Profitable and SAFER

Go to the Operator Manual Page for Details on the Components, Warnings and USER instructions...   Subscribe to theYOUTUBE Channel Onthelevelbilliards to receive updates and see new videos etc...

2024   Same Mini Kit as 2023 but including 2 new handles similar to the originals shown above.  Once New Product arrives more details and pics will be added.  Due in by April Not many left lol