Replacement part costs are as follows as of Feb 2019, keep in mind these parts are Custom Made and their cost continues to rise as years pass from initial production run...  You must indicate Your serial number and Date of purchase to verify when ordering:

Clamp Head \ Disc each    $25

Clamp Main Screw with STOP NUT and washers  for each clamp   $50

4 pieces of padding   $15

When ordering 2 new clamp heads, 2 screw assemblies and 4 new pieces of padding Shipping n Handling is $10

If ordering less than that it will be actual shipping cost plus item

So Your total cost to replace these would be $175....

This makes an average yearly maintenance cost of $35 if replaced after 5 years....  With care units will last longer

Text pics if You have a question s

If You would like OTLB to install new components there will be a charge of $35 per pair and return shipping goes up to $20