Replacement Parts can be ordered with a NEW  Full KIT.  You will save Future shipping costs and price adjustments. 

So at time of order You can have 2 more clamp discs, extended washer kit, 8 pieces of padding and 2 new screws, with STOP NUTS and washers.


Based on Customer Usage,  OTLVISE has no problems lasting 5 years and already more with LOTS of USERS.  The clamp screw has yet to be replaced but will eventually wear out.  Again lack of maintenance and life span is greatly shortened..

Videos on YOUTUBE for Maintenance...  once again read the instructions and watch all videos.  Lack of simple maintenance on screw and disc will reduce life

#13 V Saddle attachment with 2 ft Axle attachment is available for $75 when ordering with full Kit or $100 on its own with shipping included at a later date...