NEW GRANITE LINE will be the SAFEST and EASIEST EVER! You can see odd placements for sink cut outs etc are easily accommodated with various interchangeable ergonomic handles

​The Competition says they cant help you because they dont know every situation you will encounter?  That's comforting and the use of swivel wheels on stairs isn't recommended by ANY Manufacturer I inquired with.  So I guess THEY are right!  They don't know.....   

When you add a spacer block with OTLVISE it mechanically attaches to the clamp head NOT MERELY sandwiched between the stone and clamp


They can easily be added to the axle as shown


​Patented Clamp Head design disperses pressure evenly versus some others that DO NOT tighten evenly as shown when you look at pictures of their product. 

IT Holds Sheet up straight while others TIP and need to be propped, as shown on site customer posing for pic in fall shadow as they call it...  WTF? 

Small tires get caught under stair treads but NOT OTLVISE wheelbarrow tires, skis also available

  Lets see the competition move a sheet of steel 1200 lbs standing up with only one clamp

LETS see the competition do what it says it products can do.  A dolly that can move a 1000 lbs up or down stairs should include instructions...  At the very least a video.  But ALL you will find are small pieces and NOTHING like them moving a 800 lbs slab up a flight of stairs

​Customers have to prop the sheet so it doesn't lean n TIP

​The ONLY Handles to offer a kickstand so you don't have to lift or lower as much......

​To use on stairs just measure stair tread distance point to point and set clamps on rails to that measurement, no NEED to carry a heavy cart back and forth LOL

OTLVISE carts have handles to wheel them versus carrying them

​Pieces tilt out of unit as shown below​​ in pic, video coming

​SAME Specs on handles and carts, pieces interchangable

ITS TESTED TOUGH and that's why its made of steal, others can NOT do what it does or they would show it on YOUTUBE. 

It uses a wrench because now you can tighten it without Your wrist being strained as much and get a much better feel period.   You can use a torque wrench if desired... or use Your cordless drill



Edges are wrapped with rubber to prevent nicks unlike 

​ITS A SMART TOOL that uses a LEVER instead of Your back

The OTLVISE Clamp SHOE attachment is now being fabricated for other clamps.  Licensing is available and the market for F-Clamps and similar functioning clamps is now in sight.  Investors Welcome

odd handle placement, 1.25 stone made easy,

up to 3 person add on handles.  ANY type of handle can be fabricated and used with the same clamp