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You are buying this tool with the intention of using it’s components as a framework for configuring a multitude of moving devices involving clamps or not. You understand that it is a BETA Tool and that you will have input in improving its Performance.  It’s been tested in the field by many other BETA Testers without incident related to the product itself.  

IN affect this is a never ending product with new attachments,  and improved methods ongoing.  What may be the easiest and safest way can always be improved with thought and effort. 

 There is NOT a limitation set as to what can be done.   Keep in mind the strength and maximum Load of the wheels you use must compliment the task at hand.  Since there is the opportunity to add wheels and or units a maximum load has NOT be determined. The Working Load Limit (WLL) per Clamp is 300 lbs.  When moving large pieces you may require TWO axles depending.

There is no Guarantee that an accident will NOT happen.   You= the User \  Purchaser accept all risk while using OTLVISE and have read and understood operating videos, video copy and written instructions. You assume responsibility of the unit forever and if you sell unit you are responsible for properly reviewing its features and safety thoroughly with new owner.

WARNING If you allow someone else to use your OTLVISE with or without  you it is your  responsibility to train  that person.  If they are NOT familiar with the use of the unit THERE WILL BE PROBLEMS> these can be avoided by taking the time to make sure they understand everything properly.

If you sell the UNIT the new owners name should be forwarded with contact information for future updates. Remember you are responsible for a safe transfer of product so make sure the new owner is well informed.  

Warranty is for a period of 3 year from date of purchase. Effective 8 15 2018 for ALL Customers    

Warranty Applies to OTLVISE Components ONLY which are Powder coated RED WHITE and BLUE

This covers FOC repairs or replacements including the price of shipping both ways if they were defective either by workmanship or materials.  OTLVISE will replace or repair within 10 days from receipt of return.   There will be no returns hopefully and every unit is tested before shipment. 

OTLVISE is NOT responsible for ANYTHING other then what is stated above.  Any damage, injuries, etc arising from the use of OTLVISE are 100% assumed by the USER. 

You have legal rights which vary from State to State as far as Warranties are concerned.  Search the Internet for them by State. 

This is a “USE AT OWN RISK TOOL” like a Chain SAW  the person using the tool MUST be familiar with it  to reduce the chances of an accident.  They must also be in good physical condition and of sound mind.

TO VOID THE WARRANTY all you have to do is NOT follow the rules contained herein, READ THEM! 

Warranty applies to original Purchaser ONLY.

In USE since 2010

Thousands moved


The use of this product is beyond the control of On The Level Billiards LLC. (known as OTLB) OTLB is NOT responsible for the manner in which the item is used and is NOT responsible for assembly. OTLB does NOT guarantee or will be held liable for any damage personal, property or otherwise resulting from the use of the product.  When you receive the product you agree to inspect and assemble components.  

Release of Liability:
I understand and expressly agree that my Purchase\USE of the OTLVISE involves risk of injury to myself, or persons in the area of use. I understand that these injuries could be minor or even fatal AND IT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY ALONE. 

I understand and voluntarily assume risk for use of the OTLVISE unit and agree that OTLB(On The Level Billiards LLC) will NOT 
be liable for:            any injury, including, without limitations, personal, bodily, mental, economic, bystanders, whether related to the OTLVISE application or not.  

I do hereby forever release OTLB LLC  from any and all claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions or causes of action.  I also understand that OTLB LLC does NOT manufacture OTLVISE but only purchases it and will NOT be held liable for anything related to the Actual units which are defective from fabrication or misuse.

Be safe, read instructions again.  If you have questions, ask!

​Email- onthelevelbilliards@snet.net