NEW for 2018   Complete KIT  and then some....

$1250 with FREE Shipping an $80 Savings 

Kit now includes Maintenance KIT with:  4 replace pads, washers, clips and NEW OTLVISE Hole way to cut holes you never saw, now you will have one too LOL 

 2018 Also includes Formica repair kit, touch up stain pens, Baby Powder 




      ​                                                                                                   at around 3 yrs of use it will be required

​                                                                                      $50 Value    Shipped to ALL existing Customers FREE

         Look at how many have it already,  they don't have to carry slate

TIP OF THE MONTH:   Moving One Piece slate video,   Get the little ramp and don't forget never clamp to where the glue was

SAVE Almost 30%



The Invention

ROI  Return On Investment

Patented features that make moving stone Easier and SAFER!

A Modular Clamp Assembly with Multiple Tool Attachments

MADE in the USA

Depending on Your Tax bracket the expense of the Kit will reduce taxes you owe!  you can't afford NOT to have a tool that can make you your money back in one use!  Savings of roughly $300 on your taxes if you actually make money  $$$$$$$

Welcome to OTLVISE 

    US PATENT 8312598, 8573608, D719000

   MADE IN USA...... its Red White and Blue​​





Watch the YOUTUBE Vids and read the Manual

REWARD for stolen UNIT #92, last seen in Capitol Heights MD

Many tables are easily moved with one person

Ergonomic design

PROVEN SAFE over 5 years in field

Takes up no room

Move frames as well

so much more its too much to list

WHATS FUNNY?  Spend 200 on cloth to make say a 350 profit,  Spend on OTLVISE and saving one helper half a day a week at $50 equals a savings of over $60000 in a 25 year career and its paid off in half a year...  Its allot more than that though isn't it...   It turns Steal to GOLD.  I have made the cost back in one job many times  LOL   Imagine being a PRO who doesn't need a HELPER 2 days a week FULL time at $100 a day which is still poverty pay.  Over 25 years that's a savings of over $250000.....  That's Your retirement 

Click here for Youtube Videos

Best viewed in 720 P

Is YOUR back worth anything?

Do you need a helper to move Slate all the time?

Have you invested in Your Business to yield more profits?

Can you react quickly to opportunities?

There is NO BETTER investment in your Business, some have more than one...