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$1250 with FREE SHIPPING 

Kit now includes Maintenance KIT with:  4 replace pads, washers, clips and NEW OTLVISE Hole way to cut holes you never saw, now you will have one too LOL 

  Touch up stain pens, Baby Powder 

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​    3 YEAR WARRANTY from 1 Year  

  FOR ALL Customers​ Past n Future


      ​                                                                                           Maintenance KIT -- at around 3 yrs of Use it will be required

​                                                                                      $50 Value    Shipped to ALL existing Customers FREE

TIP OF THE MONTH:   Moving One Piece slate video,   Get the little ramp and don't forget never clamp to where the glue was

A Modular Clamp Assembly with Multiple Tool Attachments

MADE in the USA



The Invention

Is YOUR back worth anything?

Do you need a helper to move Slate all the time?

Have you invested in Your Business to yield more profits?

Can you react quickly to opportunities?

There is NO BETTER investment in your Business, some have more than one...

Many tables are easily moved with one person

Ergonomic design

PROVEN SAFE over 5 years in field

Takes up no room

Move frames as well

so much more its too much to list

Patented features that make moving stone Easier and SAFER!

POWDER Coated Red White and Blue


ROI  Return On Investment

Welcome to OTLVISE

US PATENT 8312598, 8573608

​Custom Made In USA 

Watch the YOUTUBE Vids and read the Manual

Be of Sound Mind and Good Physical Condition to Safely Operate

        10 Year Anniversary 2020---  Closed Until January

Send Video using OTLVISE Safely and become eligible for Your money back When I sell Patents...   NEW F Clamp attachment is promising!

NEW and OLD Customers Qualify...  So here is how it goes..  Patent sells for $1 million You get back $1000, Sells for $2 Mil, You get $2000

You have NOTHING TO LOOSE...   If You are already on video on My YOUTUBE Channel You are all set.   This Offer is for Previous and NEW Owners in 2020 ONLY!

Exisiting Customers have Until 3-31-2020 to send video and NEW Customers have 60 days from Date of Purchase

Once Patent Sells NO MORE videos will be accepted SO dont waste time and send video when ready...

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