Read The website and Copy on ALL Youtube videos to properly and safely use this tool 


 It’s the
Responsibility of the Business to provide Employees tools that will allow them to perform their job Safely  and avoid known  hazards.

   ASK OSHA or Your Attorney or Your Doctor or The Customer

3 Year Warranty applies to OTLVISE Red, White and Blue powder coated parts ONLY...

 other items are NOT: such as non slip material, markers, flashlight etc


Welcome to OTLVISE

US PATENT 8312598, 8573608

​Custom Made In USA its Red White and Blue Powder Coated

The Extended Wheel axle used on the V-Saddle can also double up with the Double wide handle included in the Kit to move Shuffleboards as well....

2021 Pool Table Mover of the Year -  Andre's Pool Tables  - Winner Free OTLVISE        Move of the Year - Matt Sniper Suite - OTLVISE Credit
                                                   Coolest Table of the Year - Jim Josef - see BMA Website - OTLVISE Credit​

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​​NEW 2023 Mini Kit including 3 cuts of 8 ft Invitational with Shipping for a Total of $1300 as shown below. 

Wheels and short piece of pipe not included.... 

Minus Cloth\Shipping and OTLVISE is less than $1000 and You make that on 3 pieces of cloth Easy

Production order under way and Shipments will be ready 2nd week of January   Order now Pay Later

Watch the YOUTUBE Vids and read the Manual

Be of Sound Mind and Good Physical Condition to Safely Operate

When you purchase an OTLVISE Kit you become a Member of the BMA and its FREE   When a potential customer googles Billiard Mechanic the site will be on first page with Your Website listed by STATE

SAFETY NOTE:  Working Load Limit of 300 Lbs is NOT MAX Load FOR OTLVISE...   Max Load is more relevant to the wheels being Used and Terrain being traversed.  IF You have questions just email...   ONLY One Tire is suggested for OTLVISE.  Many Options are Available      The Failure load as shown on Youtube was 3000 lbs for the T Handle...  also on Youtube You can see OTLVISE lifting over 1200 lbs with only one handle and moving over 1200 lbs on just one axle...  READ ALL the instructions and watch the videos and BE in good Physical and mental condition if You want to use this tool safely.  WORKING LOAD Limit is a SAFETY RATIO Number divided into the MAX LOAD.     OTLVISE HAS SUCCESSULLY moved ALL Carom Tables for Many Years and THEY are the Heaviest pieces.     OTLVISE can be modified for swivel wheels, larger axles and more easily....  Remember its a BETA Tool and input is welcome for future Improvements...      

TIP OF THE MONTH:   Moving One Piece slate video,   Get the little ramp and don't forget never clamp to where the glue was