Government Stimulus worth allot more if You invest it in Your Company..  Many People will receive over $500 in Their overall tax savings as a result of Purchasing this tool alone.  Thats a 36% return on your money....

Read The website and Copy on ALL Youtube videos to properly and safely use this tool 

 NEW MiNi Kit shipped complete as shown with no wheels.. FOR EXISTING OTLVISE Customers ONLY to support the transport of ONE Piece Slate etc.  

TOP 25 reasons to own an OTLVISE Kit


 It’s the Responsibility of the Business to provide Employees tools that will allow them to perform their job Safely  and avoid known  hazards.   ASK OSHA or Your Attorney or Your Doctor

DOES NOT CHIP the slate

Comes with Frame Dolly

It’s a Business expense which means on average the cost reduced by taxes will save around 30% of cost depending on Your tax bracket

We are a legitimate Business and can afford a small investment in Tools Specifically designed for the trade

Can now move Heavy slate much easier such as CAROM 60mm and Snooker

It has Safety features

Can also be used to move Shuffleboards

It is a machine that reduces a helper in many cases which makes the ROIC unbelievable

Its My third Employee that’s Never late, doesn’t take breaks and doesn’t talk to the customer

Proven and tested as shown in videos and thousands and thousands moved SAFELY during test period of 3 years before Product was put into production

MADE in America and Patented

Can move one piece slate

Fixes and can move cracked slate SAFELY

Has Great accessories within Kit for the Job

3 Year Warranty with included maintenance kit for further use APPLIES to OTLVISE Components ONLY which are Red, White and Blue Powder coated.  The other items are just little gifts to fill the box and YOU arent getting a 3 year return on a STAIN Pen for example....

In the field for over 10 years in use

It’s a SMART Tool

Can be used in many other beneficial ways as shown in videos on youtube

Has multiple handles to address various issues in moving product

Its Ergonomically designed

Practically anyone can move slate easily as shown from 8 years old to 94 year man moving 9ft slate up stairs

FREE ADVERTISING on Billiard Mechanics of America website – ranks on first page of google


Saves Your back and makes You look like a PRO

Fits anywhere and is Modular based

Product has Full supply of wearable parts for replacement and is meant to be a LIFE Time Tool

Protects the Employee, Protects the Customers NEW SLATE from Chips, Protects Customers Floors

Has many instructional videos

Online Support with FORUM for Table issues

Made From Steel and very strong as shown in heavy weight lifting videos

Bottom line is that there is the right tool for every job and for moving Slate, OTLVISE IS KING




OTLVISE Kit  is $1299  while Supplies last!   JUNE SPECIAL Shipping $1

      Kit NOW includes pipe cut\drilled for Frame Dolly and Pulling Handle

Moving One Piece Snooker Table click here 

 For maneuverability wheels in middle, for stairs AXLE can be moved to one end to prevent bottoming out..  

Me SALES call " wanna buy an OTLVISE?"  Potential Customer "I dont need that thing and it takes too long; My helper and I have been carrying slate for 20 years".    ME...   it takes 2 to carry and one to roll, only reason you need a helper is for the slate if Youre a PRO. Many OTLVISE USERS have said they work alone now 3-4 days a week with no need of a helper to move the slate anymore.  Lets see saving a helper 2 days a week at $100 a day, 50 weeks a year times 20 years is $200,000!    OTLVISE Turns steal into Gold

The Extended Wheel axle used on the V-Saddle can also double up with the Double wide handle included in the Kit to move Shuffleboards as well....


Welcome to OTLVISE

US PATENT 8312598, 8573608

​Custom Made In USA its Red White and Blue Powder Coated

TIP OF THE MONTH:   Moving One Piece slate video,   Get the little ramp and don't forget never clamp to where the glue was

When you purchase an OTLVISE Kit you become a Member of the BMA and its FREE   When a potential customer googles Billiard Mechanic the site will be on first page with Your Website listed by STATE

Watch the YOUTUBE Vids and read the Manual

Be of Sound Mind and Good Physical Condition to Safely Operate

SAFETY NOTE:  Working Load Limit of 300 Lbs is NOT MAX Load FOR OTLVISE...   Max Load is more relevant to the wheels being Used and Terrain being traversed.  IF You have questions just email...   ONLY One Tire is suggested for OTLVISE.  Many Options are Available      The Failure load as shown on Youtube was 3000 lbs for the T Handle...  also on Youtube You can see OTLVISE lifting over 1200 lbs with only one handle and moving over 1200 lbs on just one axle...  READ ALL the instructions and watch the videos and BE in good Physical and mental condition if You want to use this tool safely.  WORKING LOAD Limit is a SAFETY RATIO Number divided into the MAX LOAD.     OTLVISE HAS SUCCESSULLY moved ALL Carom Tables for Many Years and THEY are the Heaviest pieces.     OTLVISE can be modified for swivel wheels, larger axles and more easily....  Remember its a BETA Tool and input is welcome for future Improvements...