Welcome to OTLVISE 

    US PATENT 8312598, 8573608, D719000

   MADE IN USA...... its Red White and Blue​​





Is YOUR back worth anything?

Do you need a helper to move Slate all the time?

Have you invested in Your Business to yield more profits?

Can you react quickly to opportunities?

There is NO BETTER investment in your Business, some have more than one...

FREE Advertising through the Internet with YOUR Business listed by State. Potential Customers can review your website for added Business. 

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ROI  Return On Investment

Patented features that make moving stone Easier and SAFER!

A Modular Clamp Assembly with Multiple Tool Attachments

MADE in the USA




Receive Special Offers from Authorized Distributors

The Invention

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Best viewed in 720 P

Many tables are easily moved with one person

Ergonomic design

PROVEN SAFE over 5 years in field

Takes up no room

Move frames as well

so much more its too much to list

TRENDING NEWS about OTLVISE......... Search google keyword  " Billiard Mechanic"

  Recently a NEW Customer decided to purchase a KIT because it was going to cost him the same to have his table moved... and that's NOT even including setup. 

You break your drill; you buy a new one

You break your back? 

Another New Customer got it just to move a Connelly 2 inch Slate table 

Makes the tough jobs easier and many times pays for itself in ONLY one use!

These are the related sites linking your Business when potential customers land on them....  This program started in June 2015 and is continued and paid in FULL through June 2017.